Our gutter and downspout cleaning service is very meticulous, we take care of leaving them very clean and washed with water, so that all leaf particles are removed from your gutters. Protect your home with timely cleaning and avoid future damage costs.

Why choose Gutter Maintenance Service for your rain
gutter cleaning needs?

 Our staff cleans very meticulously without leaving any particles of garbage in your gutters. Keeping your gutters clean is a good way to take care of the integrity of your home and take care of the soffit and fascia of your property, it is generally recommended to clean twice a year so that you can avoid stormwater overflows in times of storms

Gutters and downspout cleaning

The gutters and downspout cleaning service is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of your home or business’s water drainage system. Gutters and downspouts are key components in protecting your property from water damage

– Damage Prevention: Regular cleaning of gutters and downspouts prevents the buildup of leaves, debris and dirt that can block the flow of rainwater. Avoiding these obstructions is crucial to preventing costly property damage such as soil erosion, roof leaks, and weakened foundations.

-Preservation of Structural Integrity: Clogged gutters and downspouts can overload and distort the drainage system, leading to the need for expensive repairs. Regularly cleaning these components helps maintain your property’s structural integrity and extends its lifespan.

-Aesthetic Preservation: Clean gutters and downspouts contribute to maintaining an attractive appearance for your home or business. Accumulated debris can make your property look neglected. A gutter and downspout cleaning service helps ensure an appealing aesthetic.

Enhanced Drainage Efficiency: When gutters and downspouts are clean and in good condition, rainwater is efficiently directed away from your property. This reduces the risk of flooding and prevents water from causing damage to the surrounding areas.

-Reduction in Health Issues: The accumulation of leaves and debris in gutters can become a breeding ground for insects and pests. Regular cleaning helps prevent health problems associated with the proliferation of unwanted insects.

Regulatory Compliance: In some areas, maintaining gutters and downspouts may be a regulatory requirement. Compliance with these regulations is important to avoid penalties and fines


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Gutter Cleaning

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Complete Cleaning Services:

  • Single Family 
  • 2 Floor House
  • Building 
  • Flat Roof 
  • We are safe for work at height
  • We have the necessary experience to carry out the commissioned works.
  • «Keep Your Gutters Spotless in Chicago«

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Clients Testimonies

Adam G
Adam G
Working with Santiago has been great. I submitted a contact form online for an estimate and he got back to me the very next day to schedule. Him and his team made quick work of replacing the old gutter and sealing it up. Painted and everything. Communication was fun but ultimately the results were exactly what we needed.
miriam Gutierrez
miriam Gutierrez
Santiago did a great job cleaning our gutters. We are very pleased with the job. We highly recommend the company Gutters Santiago
Anirudh Nadkarni
Anirudh Nadkarni
We have a big tree in our backyard and it takes some effort to clean up the gutters from the fall. Santiago and his crew were the answer for me. They are very prompt with courteous service! I obviously didn't want to climb the roofs but he showed me the before and after photos - let's say I was happy I called him at the right time.
Megan Whitfield
Megan Whitfield
Great work. Very responsive and efficient!!!
Angelica Dela Cruz
Angelica Dela Cruz
Amazing and fast service, highly recommend!
marcos Saldana
marcos Saldana
Just had my gutters cleaned. They were professional, fast and came on time. Did not leave a mess and were respectful to my neighbors yard. Would definitely recommend and used again.
Carol Kim
Carol Kim
Spotless gutter cleaning, quick, great communication and great price!
Great service , good price, heavily recommended.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark
The guys were great they came on time and were kind and professional. I honestly have not seen this type of professionalism since before the pandemic. Given the fact I just left my job their price for installing a chimney cap was very reasonable. They also didn’t take a long time they were at my place and done in a short period I must say I’m extremely satisfied with their work and everything .... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!
Santiago Gutter did a great job in cleaning my gutters. Very professional work. I highly recommend them for any gutter work needed. I will be calling on them to install gutter guards.

Gutter Cleaning Service

We offer a fast, safe and reliable service to our clients, we are committed to leaving a very satisfactory and high quality job. Keep your gutters clean at all times with Gutter Maintenance, we do it all for you.

Benefits Of Routine Gutter Cleaning

  • Prevents flooding and cracked foundations
  • Protects your landscaping
  • Prevents sagging gutters
  • Increases your roof’s lifespan
  • Eliminates bugs and insects


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If you live in Chicago and its suburbs you should clean your gutters at least twice a year. Cleaning your gutters in spring and fall prevents debris from building up and blocking the flow of rainwater. In addition to leaves, gutters often become clogged with pine needles, twigs, and seeds.

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