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Aluminum Cladding on Windows: Elegance and Functionality

Window covering is a fundamental technique in building construction and renovation that involves applying an exterior material to windows to improve their appearance, durability and energy efficiency. One of the most popular materials for this purpose is aluminum, due to its corrosion resistance, versatility in design, and ability to improve thermal efficiency. This process not only beautifies the windows, but also contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation of interior spaces, making aluminum clad windows an attractive choice both aesthetically and functionally.



Increase Efficiency and Elegance with Window Coverings

Did you know that window coverings can improve the energy efficiency, comfort and appeal of your home or building?



  • Window coverings are architectural solutions designed to improve the performance and functionality of windows in residential and commercial buildings. These coatings are installed on or around windows for a variety of purposes, such as improving energy efficiency, privacy, light control, aesthetics, and weather protection.

The purpose of window covering

“Window coverings are versatile solutions that enhance the appearance and function of windows.”

Advantages of Window Coverings

Window coverings are an investment that provides multiple benefits, from energy savings and cost reduction to improving the comfort and aesthetics of a space. Choosing the appropriate type of coating depends on the specific needs of each situation.


  • Installing Custom Window Trim
  • Exterior Window Capping

  • Capping for Brick Houses and Siding
  • Durability and Protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Thermal comfort
  • Colors of choice
  • Adaptable to your needs
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